Now Playing: Last Nite, by The Strokes

Sleep has been something of a challenge for me over the last few months. I often find it difficult to fall asleep, and I wake up at least once most nights. Last night was one of those lovely rare occasions where I fell asleep quickly and wasn’t having nightmares or back pain. Then some horrible person phoned me at a quarter to two wanting to know had I just phoned her. I hadn’t; thoroughly annoyed, it took me the better part of an hour to get back to sleep.

Less sleep means rough mornings for me, and today all I wanted to do while taking care of the morning’s chores was to listen to something loud and cheerful. I played through several music videos before finding one that made me feel a bit better: the Strokes. My favourite song of theirs is actually ‘Soma’, which got me through the first few months of being desperately ill with UC and anemia, but those same associations make it rather hard for me to listen to now. This song has altogether better memories associated with it–dancing in my friends’ underground kitchen in Queen’s Gardens and doing the polka home with fellow graduate students from the pub to our hall of residence a couple hundred feet away. Back when staying up half the night wasn’t painful and I wasn’t allergic to caffeine. I do miss those nights.