Who, exactly, wants to read my novel?

The reason I ask is because some days, I’m not sure I want to read my novel. Mostly the days on which I am editing it. Since I am currently engaged in a painful top-down restructuring of 200,000-ish words, that’s most days. That’ll teach me to never write without an outline again (I hope).

Here are a few criteria I have identified for readers of my eventual book:

  • Must enjoy speculative fiction or fantasy
  • Must like character-driven books
  • Preferably not care if characters kind of wander around for a while Doing Stuff for Some Reason
  • Enjoy detailed descriptions of Nature In All Its Glory
  • Be my mom

Do you fit these criteria? If so, comment here to be a beta reader!

Today I have been writing down the plot points for the Book That Will Be; I already wrote down the plot points, insofar as I could, for the Book That Is. I’ve done a lot of noodling with the desired plot plots but writing them down in an orderly fashion has had me spooked. I guess it’s because it feels like I’m committing to them now, and commitment is not my strong suit. Choosing one path means you can’t go down the others. But that’s what got me into this mess: trying to leave as many options for myself and my characters as open as possible led to a meandering, decisionless wasteland.

Do any of you who are writers, reading this, relate? Do you find it difficult to make choices for your characters?

Pop quiz! Is R2D2 here channeling me when I have:

  1. Been working on my plot map for 3 minutes
  2. Just re-read my extant draft after it’s been a while
  3. Decided to rewrite 40% of my book AGAIN

The correct answer is, of course, all of the above.

10 thoughts on “Who, exactly, wants to read my novel?”

    1. You’d be the perfect beta reader because you could read several different versions in, say, two days and let me know which you prefer 😉

  1. OK so I just figured out this is the blog Justine was telling us about. So, still yes yes yes, I want to read it. Not your mom, but related counts, right?

  2. I do! Pick me! I love all those things (the criteria). Well, I am not your Mom. 😉 I am so excited for your book and think you should be so very proud of the work you’ve done and are doing. It’s an impressive accomplishment!

  3. If your book is as good as your blogs…sign me up! Although, do keep in mind that I’ve been reading Crime and Punishment for 4.5 months and I’m only half way through. My own personal crime of agreeing to read it, and punishment of, well, agreeing to read it.

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